Natural Fertility Care - Obstetrics and Gynecology

We View Life as a Gift.

Welcome Welcome to Natural Fertility Care at St. Agnes. We are an obstetrics and gynecology practice that strives to provide excellent, compassionate and holistic care to all women and their unborn babies.  We offer a full range of services including well-women gynecological visits, low-risk and high-risk obstetrics prenatal care, infertility evaluation, minimally invasive surgery, and menopausal/peri-menopausal care. Our physician is a trained Medical Consultant in NaPro Technology. At Natural Fertility Care we view life as a gift. We believe that pregnancy and fertility are normal and healthy physiologic states. To that end we do not perform or refer for abortions, and use hormones only to treat illness. By partnering with local natural family planning instructors, we educate patients about their well-being, fertility, cycles, and reproductive health. We seek to serve the inherent dignity in every human person.

If you are looking for quality, life-affirming, reproductive medical care, welcome!