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What are the benefits of NFP?

1. Empowerment

Women learn to truly know and understand their bodies.

2.  Shared responsibility

Family planning is equally shared between the man and woman. Both partners participate in the understanding of their naturally occurring fertility and infertility. Couples cooperate and make decisions together regarding the achievement or avoidance of pregnancy.

3. all natural

Green and organic with no hormones, side effects or risks.

4. Free

Once learned, NFP costs nothing.  It provides family planning throughout a woman’ s entire reproductive life.

5. stronger relationships

Helps couples to deepen conjugal love and achieve responsible parenthood.

6. R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Celebrates the gift of human sexuality and the dignity of the human person.

Who can do NFP?

Everyone! Any couple committed to sharing the responsibility of parenthood can use NFP. Women do not need regular cycles in order to do NFP effectively, and may chart when they are post-partum, nursing and perimenopausal. The most common methods of Natural Family Planning are the Sympto-thermal Method, Billings Ovulation Method, Creighton Model, and Marquette Model.


How effective is NFP for avoiding pregnancy?

When couples understand the methods and are motivated to follow them, NFP is up to 99%* successful in spacing or limiting births.

The efficacy of NFP depends upon the couple’s adherence to the rules of the method according to their family planning intention (i.e., achieving or limiting pregnancy). Those who are strongly motivated to avoid pregnancy and follow the method-defined rules are very effective in meeting their goal.

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